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Headline - October 2015 - New cuvée: HERITAGE

October 2015 - New cuvée: HERITAGE


Welcome to our new vintage: HERITAGE!

The grapes from old vines planted by our parents and grandparents are our finest HERITAGE.
At the "Champagne & Vous" festival this weekend, many champagne lovers were able to discover and appreciate this new vintage.

It remains in the tradition of our House blendings : a fruity dominance brought by Pinot Meunier (59%), some elegant and subtle notes given by the Chardonnay (23%) and the wine structure emphasized by the Pinot Noir (18 %).

The vinification in oak barrels gives it taosty aromas and mature fruits. A long aging in bottles on lees shaped it with fine and delicate bubbles.

Your favorite champagne for special occasions!