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Tasting Tips


Our tips to store and taste your champagne

Champagne should be served cool, between 6 to 9°C (42,8 and 48,2°F). This temperature allows the aromas to be fully expressed.

To cool your champagne, we advise placing the bottle in a bucket with ice and water for at least 30 minutes.
You can also place the bottle in the refrigerator for a few hours.
Do not use the freezer! The sharp drop in temperature will alter the taste and balance of your champagne.

Although traditional, the «coupe» is far less popular than it used to be. The «flûte», more convenient, is perfect. Its shape brings out the rise of the tiny bubbles and highlights the nose of the champagne, releasing a greater and more intense aromatic concentration.

Champagne should be stored in a well ventilated cellar at a constant temperature of 10 to 15°C (50 to 59°F). It should be stored horizontally, out of the light.
Bottles should be handled carefully, and definitely not shaken.