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Millésime 2015


Year 2015 in our vineyards: Sun, Sun and more sun! 2015 was the warmest year ever encountered in Champagne. Our vines are fond of such conditions and gave the best of themselves. We waited for an optimal maturity to start harvesting under a beautiful Sun. Thanks to these exceptional weather conditions, our vine is healthy and vibrant across the entire vineyard.

Blending: made from the 3 traditional champagne grapes which give this wine all its character

  • 58 % Pinot Meunier (Emblematic  Marne Valley varietal which brings an intense fruitiness and fullness)
  • 30 % Chardonnay
  • 12 % Pinot Noir

Grapes from our best parcels are used for this 2015 vintage cuvée.

It represents a mere 10% of our production, only from the best years.

  • Bottling took place in the spring of 2016. Secondary fermentation and ageing "on the lees" for 90 months minimum.
  • Disgorgement: 3 to 6 months before « commercial sale »
  • Dosage : 9 gr /L

Size : Bottle (75cl) only
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