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Demi-Sec Tradition


Blending made from the 3 traditional champagne grapes which give this wine all its character:

  • - 76% de Pinot Meunier (Emblematic Marne Valley varietal which brings an intense fruitiness and fullness)
  • - 24 % Chardonnay

The composition of this DEMI-SEC is made up of 57% wines from 2017, and 43% of reserve wines from 2016 (25%), 2013 (18%). The blending with the reserve wines guarantees the continuity of our TRADITION cuvées from one year to the next.

  • Bottling took place in the spring of 2018.
  • Second fermentation and ageing on lees for 30 months.
  • Dosage at 36gr /L.
  • Disgorgement: 3 to 6 months before «commercial sale»

Sizes : Half-Bottle (37.5cl), bottle (75cl)
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